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Changemaker, wisdomkeeper, soulful entrepreneur:
Unleash your impact by reclaiming your wisdom, power, and magic.

Business is the new temple

Once upon a time, healers, intuitives, sensitives, creatives, and seers like us would be whisked off to a temple or mystery school as children. We’d apprentice with a wise elder to hone our gifts. 

We’d return to our communities trusted teachers, advisors, and leaders: midwives, medicine women, witches, and priestesses sought after for our counsel and guidance. (“Witch” once meant “wise woman,” after all.)

Our daily needs were met by the people around us. The nature of who we were and what we did meant we were part of an established sisterhood, support system, and ancient legacy. 

Those days and structures are gone.

Nowadays, WE create our own means of sustaining ourselves and develop support teams (translation: a business). We must seek and cultivate our own community. 

It is up to us to weave the sacred into our work. (We feel incomplete without it.)

The moment we have been waiting for—working toward—is here. NOW.

We can wield our magic and be wildly successful with ease and grace, too.

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Want to receive MORE?

More clients, more money, more support? More love, more passion… More of all that you desire, in business and life?

Of course you do, beloved. Who doesn’t?

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Who you are

You’re a leader—of a business, community, family, and/or team.

Your heart guides you. You are intuitive, empathic, or sensitive.

You are here in service to the collective, to lead your part of the global transformation we’re in.

You believe in a higher power, a sacred intelligence that connects us all: Source, God, Divine Mother, All That Is, the Universe.

You desire to be wildly successful with ease. Ambitious and driven, you want it all—minus the hustle.

You know you have big things to do, and yet…

These get in the way:

Not enough time. You have SO much on your plate, that even with help, you’re at your limits.

Zapped energy. Your work & relationships demand so much of you. You love it, but by the end of the day, there’s nothing left.   

Scattered and distracted, it’s hard to get the most impactful things done. 

Frustrated that things aren’t moving faster. Your passion projects keep getting postponed. 

A sense of isolation. You are a rare magical unicorn, and often the only one in the room. Where are your peeps?

Stuck in self-doubt or uncertainty about your contribution, message, or next step.

Overwhelmed by heightened sensitivity and emotions, especially with collective anxiety at an all-time high.

Ready to experience something different?


A modern-day priestess to women who lead, Charisse Sisou connects women leaders with the people, impact, ease, and prosperity they desire, through the power of story, body, and ancient wisdom, redefined. 

As an author, speaker, messaging expert, and award-winning bellydancer, she brings revolutionary tools, insights, and inspiration to break through barriers and transform your business and life—with laughter and grace.

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